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NAYB & Trosky Baseball

By NAYB Admin | Jan 30, 2022 |

The traveling Eagles are proud to announce our partnership with Trosky Baseball. All Managers and Players are enrolled in the Trosky Gold Glove program to enhance their development. The opportunities for coach and player development are endless.

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Indoor Training Facility

By NAYB Admin | May 13, 2021 |

Our indoor training facility (Eagles Development Center) is open and accepting a limited number of General Memberships. Sign up today @ Eagles Development Center – Niceville Amateur Youth Baseball ( The EDC offers self-access to 3 batting lanes, 1 pitching bull pen, classroom, and pro shop.

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Homerun !!!

By NAYB Admin | Oct 12, 2020 |

Congratulations to Sawyer Hicks for hitting a in the park homerun this weekend in Pace, FL.  For those that know the field layout in Pace, Florida you will understand the level of accomplishment that this is.  Some would argue that it is easier to hit a homerun over the fence at Pace.  Sawyer’s placement and…

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